Our Stories

Spring is on it's way......

As the weather warms up a little our garden team, Connor and Pauline, are planning for the year ahead. On days when it has been too cold and wet to be outside Connor has been designing a new cut flower bed so that we can have fresh flowers for events and celebrations.

Other ideas include plant sales , more vegetable growing and improving our pond area

Big Lunch


As we head into 2024 our Big Lunch has resumed. Each Wednesday we provide a communal hot meal at Bloom House for the people we support and staff. This is an opportunity for people to socialise and , perhaps, try a food that they haven't tasted before. We also provide free fruit throughout the week and some treats for the resident squirrel. Caitlin, with help from her Support Worker, does a four week menu plan and she has become really confident juggling the many tasks involved in cooking for and serving large numbers of people. Pasta is always a favourite and almost everyone tried the haggis on Burns Day.

Duty Of Candour

The organisational duty of candour procedure is a legal duty which sets out how organisations should tell those affected that an unintended or unexpected incident appears to have caused harm or death. We are required to apologise and to meaningfully involve them in a review of what happened.

I can confirm that there have been no Duty of Candour incidents during 2023